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June 17, 2014
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Ch. 5 Xiao Mei meeting Henry, Kiku, Heracles, Arthur, Feliciano, Chrom, Frederick, Klaus, Sumia, Mitsu, Flordeliza, Sarah, Haruka, and Ann Marie

Back with Xiao Mei, she was riding her horse, still looking for Melissa. She shivers.

"Melissa! Melissa!" Xiao Mei called. "It's me Xiao Mei! Your sister who didn't mean to make you freeze summer or Luzon..." She sighed as she shivered, "I'm sorry...all my f-f-f-f-f-f-fault."

Later Xiao Mei and her horse were now in the wooded area. The two were having trouble. Xiao Mei heard a wolf howl.

"Of course, none of this would have happened if she’d just told me her secret..." She groaned. Then she started to chuckle as she said, "Heh...she's such a stinker."

Suddenly, a branch snaps, startling Xiao Mei's horse. The horse neigh loudly and knocked Xiao Mei off of it.  Xiao Mei went flying and face planted into the snow. She got up, spits out the snow, and sees her horse running away.

"Oh no. No. No. No. Come back. No.
No. No. No...." Xiao Mei called to her horse. But the horse was out of her sight. She sighed, "Oook...."

Xiao Mei grabs a branch from a nearby coniferous tree and tries to pull herself up from it. Then the branch snapped, causing snow to fall on her. She groaned in frustration.

Later that night, Xiao Mei was walking to the top of the hill. But she was struggling because she was tired.

Xiao Mei started to rant angrily, "Snow, it had to be snow, she
couldn’t have had tr-tr-tropical magic that covered the f-f-fjords in white sand and warm--"

She stopped ranting after she saw something from a distance. It was smoke. She gasped happily, "Fire-! W-whoa!" Xiao Mei lost her balance and rolled down the hill and into a icy stream.

Xiao Mei got up and shivered, "Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold..."

Xiao Mei started to walk but due to being wet and in the cold, her legs and dress froze. Groaning, she walked all the way to the area where she saw the smoke. The smoke came from a small building and stable. Xiao Mei shook the sign to see what it said.

"Wandering Gregor's Trading Post." She read out loud. Then more snow fell off to reveal the word sauna, causing Xiao Mei to smile happily, "Oh! And sauna!"

Xiao Mei steps into the building cautiously. But then the door hits her butt, causing her to get knocked into the centre of the shop. Xiao Mei looked around to find winter stuff. To her dismay, there were only summer stuff.

"Hoo hoo!" A voice called to Xiao Mei. Xiao Mei turns to see a man with reddish orange hair, and he wears a brown mercenary outfit. He's Gregor. "Big summer blow out. Half off swimming suits, clogs, and a sun balm of my own invention, yah?"

Xiao Mei smiled at his sales but she didn't need those yet, "Oh, great. For now, how about boots. Winter boots...and dresses?" She asked.

Gregor sighed in disappointment, he wanted to sell his summer stuff. "That would be in our winter department." He said, disappointed.

Xiao Mei looked over to only see one outfit, which was a winter dress that was purple with black sleeves, a purple skirt, and a blue cloak. Also there were a pick axe, a rope, and a pair of boots. That'll have to do for a outfit. Xiao Mei took the outfit and boots to Gregor.

"Oh. Um, I was just wondering; has
another young woman, the Queen perhaps, I don’t know, passed through here?" She asked. Xiao Mei hoped that Melissa had passed by here.

"Only one crazy enough to be out in
this storm is you, dear." Gregor answered.

Suddenly, the front door open. It was a boy covered in snow. Underneath the snow was Henry.

"You and this fellow." Gregor added. He then gestured Henry to his summer stuff, "Hoo hoo. Big summer blow out."

Henry just walked up to Xiao Mei. "Snacks and the meat."

"Huh?" Xiao Mei asked.

"Behind you." Henry gestured behind the princess.

"Oh right." Xiao Mei moved away so Henry can get the snacks, which were some candy, and the meat. As he did that, Xiao Mei puts on the boots and outfit.

"A real howler in July, yah? Where ever could it be coming from?" Gregor asked.

"The north mountain." Henry answered.

"North mountain...?" Xiao Mei said to herself.

Henry brought his supplies to Gregor. Gregor looks at the supplies, snacks, and meat. "That'll be forty." Gregor said.

"40? No 10." Henry said, hoping he can buy this stuff cheap.

"Oh dear, that’s no good. See these are from our winter stock, where supply and demand have a big problem." Gregor said in a sweet as pie voice.

"You want to talk about a supply and
demand problem? I sell ice for a living!" Henry snapped as he pointed to his sled, which was outside, covered in snow and carrying ice.

Xiao Mei frowned, "Ooh, that’s a rough business to be in right now. I mean, that is really..." She was cut off when Henry shot her a look. She continued, "Ahem. That’s unfortunate."

Gregor shakes his head, "Still forty. But I will throw in a visit to Gregor's sauna." He said. He then turn to his family, who were his wife, Panne, and his son Yarne. The two were only in towels as they sat in the sauna. "Hoo hoo! Hi, family!" He called.

Panne can just only wave as she blushed. Yarne waved happily as he said, "Hoo hoo!"

Henry gave his gold pieces, which were only 10. "...Ten’s all I got. Help me out." He said.

Gregor looked at the supplies, then the food. He gestured the food, "Ten will get you this and no more." He said.

Henry seethed but remained calm.

"Okay, just tell me one thing; what
was happening on the North Mountain? Did it seem magical?" Xiao Mei asked.

Henry turns to her, pulls his scarf down, and exclaimed, annoyed, "Yes! Now, back up while I deal with
this crook here."

Gregor, angry, stood up, showing how tall he is, hovered over Henry. "What did you call me...?" He asked, slowly and angry.

A few moments later, Gregor stepped outside, with Henry in one arm.

"Ok ok! I'm- whoa!" Henry yelped as Gregor threw him and he face planted into the snow.

"Bye bye." Gregor said before going back into the building. Soon Wolfie came to Henry. She nudges him. Along with her were 12 other people, 7 young men and 6 young women.

The first man had black hair shaped in a bowl cut, dark brown eyes, and he wears a white Japanese navy uniform. He's Kiku Honda.

The second man and had bed head brown hair, olive skin, green eyes, and he wears a brown coat, white shirt, and brown pants. He's Heracles Karpusi.

The third man had blond hair, green eyes, extremely bushy eyebrows, and he wears a green military uniform. He's Arthur Kirkland.

The fourth man had auburn brown hair with a curl, closed eyes, and he wears a dark blue military uniform. He's Feliciano Vargas.

The fifth man had dark blue hair, blue eyes, a brand on his exposed shoulder, and he wears a asymmetrical shirt, one with no sleeve, the other with a long sleeve, blue pants, and a white cape. He's Chrom.

The sixth man had brown hair, brown eyes, and he wears a huge blue knight armour. He's Frederick.

The last man had teal hair shaped in a bowl cut, but slightly longer than Kiku's, brown eyes, and he wears a black cloak with purple markings, a tan shirt and pants. He's Klaus.

The first woman had long pale brown hair with a bird hair clip, brown eyes, and she wears pink armour, purple boots, and purple gloves. She's Sumia, Klaus' girlfriend.

The second woman was a busty one, with teal hair with side bangs covering her right eye, brown eyes, and she wears a black cloak with purple markings, a tan shirt and pants. She's Mitsu, Frederick's girlfriend, and the oldest sister of Klaus.

The third woman had teal shoulder length hair, brown eyes, a natural blush on her cheeks, and she wears a black cloak with purple markings, a tan shirt and pants. She's Flordeliza, Chrom's girlfriend, and the younger sister of Mitsu but older sister of Klaus.

The fourth woman had blond hair, blue eyes, freckles, and she wears a green sweater and green kilt. She's Sarah, Heracles' girlfriend.

The fifth woman had long brown hair, brown eyes, and she wears a green sweater and green kilt. She's Haruka, Arthur's girlfriend.

The last woman had long black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and she wears a green sweater, and green kilt. She's Ann Marie, Feliciano's girlfriend. All 12 were friends with Henry.

"Did you get the food?" Mitsu asked hopefully. She and the others were hungry.

"Along with the supplies?" Frederick asked. For this snowstorm, they definitely need supplies.

"No guys, I didn't get the meat...nor the supplies and snacks..." Henry muttered.

"Oh wow...did you try and hex the owner?" Sarah asked.

"No, I called him a crook by accident." Henry answered. The 12 shake their heads. Then Henry sees an abandon barn. "But I found a place to stay. And it's free." Henry smiled.

Back with Xiao Mei, Gregor went back to the counter. "I’m sorry about this violence." He apologized to the princess. "I will add a quart of lutefisk, so we’ll have good feelings. Just the outfit and boots, yah?" He asked.

Before Xiao Mei can answer, she looked at Henry's items and back at the door. Then she had an idea.

Back at the barn, Henry, Kiku, Heracles, Arthur, Feliciano, Chrom, Frederick, Klaus, Sumia, Mitsu, Flordeliza, Sarah, Haruka, and Ann Marie were all resting, with a lamp on. Heracles and Sarah were leaning against each other as they pet a cat that they brought, Klaus and Sumia were reading a novel together, Arthur and Haruka were beside each other while smiling at each other, Feliciano and Ann Marie were cuddling each other, Chrom and Flordeliza were talking to Mitsu and Frederick, and Kiku is just well watching them. And for Henry, he was strumming a guitar and singing for Wolfie, who was beside him.

Henry: Wolves are better than people.
Wolfie, don't you think that's true?

Henry then started to talk as if he's Wolfie. 

Yeah, people will beat you & curse you & cheat you.
Everyone of em's bad, except you.

"Oh thanks Wolfie." Henry said. Then he sings again.

But people smell better than reindeers. Wolfie, don't you think I'm right?

Once again, Henry spoke as he was Wolfie.

That's once again true, for all except you.

Slightly, insulted, Henry sang:

You got me. Let's call it a night.

Good night.

Don't let the frost bite.

"Umm, is it me or Henry got slightly more crazier?" Klaus asked. The others shrugged.

Henry then lay on the hay and fell asleep. Then the door opens revealing to be Xiao Mei in the outfits she bought.

“Nice duet.” Xiao Mei said as Henry sat up startled and then looked at her.

“Oh, it’s just you. What do you want?” Henry asked.

"Henry, who's that?" Heracles asked.

"Just some girl who keeps asking questions." Henry answered.

“I want you and your friends to take you up the North Mountain.” Xiao Mei said.

"Well..." Chrom began.

“We don’t take people places.” Henry cut him off as he lays back down and closes his eyes.

“Let me rephrase that.” Xiao Mei said as she threw the sack of supplies in Henry's lap.

“Umph…” Henry yelped as he sits up looking in the bag revealing the pick axe and rope he was trying to buy.

“Take me to the North Mountain…” Xiao Mei said. “Please? I know how to stop this winter.” 

"Really?" Sumia asked. Xiao Mei nodded

Henry looked his friends, and then at the princess. “We leave at dawn…” He said laying back down. 

"Hai, it is late, so we can leave at dawn..." Kiku agreed.

“And you forgot the food for us...” Henry said going back to sleep until a bag of food hits him in the face.  “Ugh!” He complained as he looked at Xiao Mei who looked embarrassed.

“Oops. Sorry. Sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t…” Xiao Mei said but then she caught herself and then looked at him. “We leave now. Right now.” She steps back outside. She waited anxiously. Henry then offers his friends, and Wolfie food and then he eats some food contemplating about what just happened.

Sorry for the wait! Xiao Mei finally meets Henry and his friends! No rude comments!
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